Rugged tablet by Rugged Tech used in archery competition

World Archery Fedaration Chose Rugged Tech as Vendor

Rugged Tech. LTD – A China based company that concentrates on rugged tablets and rugged smartphones, has recently been selected to be the tablet vendor for World Archery Federation.

World Archery federation technical manager Matteo have contacted Rugged tech for the rugged tablet . The tablet would be mainly used by the referees to calculate the athlete’s scores. The tablet would need to be waterproof, readable in sunlight and designed for outdoor use.

Rugged Tech had chosen the 7-inch Rugged Tablet for WAF, since the IPX5 can withstand powerful waterjets, a few raindrops would not hurt it. WAF have tested it in diverse environments, it turned out they worked perfectly. After the first batch have been thoroughly tested, charging issue has been found. When the tablet was being charged the micro USB cable would wiggle, as a consequence the charging port would fall out. The Rugged Tech R&D team had revised the micro USB port to a magnetic charging port, this had solved the waggling issue. Since then, there has been no problem charging the tablets for the WAF.


Cooperation was not all ways smooth; several devices have stopped running for some reason and they have been shipped back to China for repair. WAF needed the devices urgently, so Rugged Tech repaired all of the returned tablets in 5 working days. The whole repair time took less than 12 days including shipping the tablets to China and back to WAF.

Rome is not built in one day; the World Archery Federation has approved Rugged Tech services after 1 year of testing. Tom, The Secretary General at World Archery Federation hasgiven Rugged Tech an award for our outstanding service. Starting in January 2016, They  will enter a formal cooperation between World Archery Federation and Rugged Tech.

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