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Is Barcode Scanner going to be Replaced ?

  When people need to scan the barcode in a warehouse or Point of sale  , mobile computers with barcode scanner or wireless bluetooth scanner might be their first choice , but the situation may changed revolutionarily , Why ? The barcode technology has been easily embeded into some rugged phone and some apps has even made the consumer-level smartphone capable to do the same jobs 

1.    lighter and cheaper 

The price of mobile computer with an barcode technology has been quite high in the past for like thousands of US dollars , but the whole market price will dropped as the in-build barcode scanner are embeded into Rugged phone , you can easily pick up some hundreds dollars units in the market and they work fine in most of the situations , plus, they normally are less than 1KG which is easy to hold with one hand for the worker 

2.Easy to set up 

For wireless bluetooth scanner , you will have 2 devices to set up as well as maintaining and charging , which double the time and make it more complicated to run the barcoding system , While 1 SDK and vendor is OK for the Rugged phone which save us lots of time and frustration 

3.Barcode Type and accuracy 

While for many Barcode built-in rugged phone , 1D or 2D barcode scanner is normally a options which enable the device to read most kinds of devices 

4.Barcode APP 

Some advanced Barcode app provider like scandit has made it possible even for some normal rugged phone or consumer grade smartphone to read the barcode in some harsh environment like Shadow / Glare/ Low light without physical barcode reader !!!

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