How to do some simple testing before shipping it out

How to Do Simple Test before Shipping

OEM Ruggedized phone or tablet are normally produced by some small/ middle size factory in China. with quite few worker taking charge of quality control, some simple inspection is definitely necessary . Once found some faulty , the shipping cost is going to be extremely high .

According to our past experience , Rugged Tech summerize 10 must check points before shipping to ensure the least possiblility for faulty .

1.    Touch panel 
Touch panel is always a main issue for tough phone user , it may be sensitive which will leave a very bad impression for customers . We willl scroll up and down , left and right for a couple of times to ensure it is sensitive . 

2.    Black point 
Check if the screen is clean without any black point 

3.    Phsical button 
For the phoen with phsical button we always press for several times to see how it runs 

4.    Housing 
Make sure the housing is complete 

5.    Wifi 
Swtich the wifi on the setting to see if it works 

6.    IMEI 
IMEI is madatory for calling overseas 

7.    Call 
Insert a sim card to test the call 

8.    Camera 
Take photoes for testing the front and back camera 

9.    Speaker 
Play a video to test the speaker 

10.    Accessory
If the accessory is complete 

For some mobile computing with data capature function we will test the NFC /RFID / barcode reader as well .

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