CEO of Rugged Tech visited Sichuan, China and launched a charity campaign

Rugged Tech Paid Back to Society through Supporting 30 Children 1 Year in Sichuan , China


CEO of Rugged Tech visited Sichuan, China and launched a charity campaign

 On August 25, the CEO of Rugged Tech, Holiday Song, visited  Boxiang Village in Sichuan province. Rugged Tech launched a charity campaign in 2016 to help poor children to keep studying. In the past year, they have supported 30 children. Rugged Tech will donate  50 cents for each device they sell to help support the children.

Boxiang Village located in a remoted area of Sichuan province. The nearest city, Leshan, is  5 hours by bus away from the village. with very poor natural resources , Most people there dont have the basic knowledge on how to make a living because they have very poor natural resources.  All they can do is plant crops to sell to make some money to survive.  Shuaizicong – head of Boxiang village said “Most villagers lived under $2 per day“. The only way to get rid of poverty is to go to college in other cities or continue to be a farmer like their parents with very low income.

There are over 200 children under 12 that are still struggling to pay the basic tuition. After hearing that from one of our friends, we decided to start this campaign to donate 50 cents for each rugged smartphone/tablet we sell. In the past financial year, our donations have supported 1 year of study for 30 students, which will increase their chances to change their destiny  in the future.

CEO of Rugged Tech talking with local residents during a charity campaign

Holiday visited 4 children we helped last year with the company of village‘s head Mr Shuai. The great thing is all the four children have achieved very good results with their studies.  Huang – the 8 year old boy showed us the award he got in the last semester, best student in the school  ,and he ranked 1st in the final examination. We are quite proud of the achievements the children have achieved. That is our initial purpose – Hope our help can contribute to their study .

Rugged tech has grown to a company who has sold 10K rugged phone & Tablet in the past 3 years with the help of our customers.  Although we are still very small, we feel the strong desire to pay back to the society. We are lucky to be able to survive and live in a decent way on this earth.  There still are plenty of people who can‘t have a basic survival environment, and it is our mission to help them.



Rugged Tech CEO with student supported by Rugged Tech


“We will continue this effort. There are still so many children in China who are forced to leave school due to a money shortage and  it is a long term mission for Rugged Tech to help. “ Holiday Song said.



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